Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's the season. . . for many crazy things!!

As Sergio walks around the house with one of his 3 plastic Halloween pumpkins on his foot; the 3 boys around the computer learning a new game and yelling at each other for rhyming words with curse words, and Marriela sleeping on the couch, while the Santa Clause III is playing...I realize things are very much an eclectic collection of craziness here. 

Today we went to our second Christmas Party.  The kids were thrilled to be asked by Santa if they were good or bad.  Of course, they all answered "good".  :-)  They received some presents and off they went.  However, just  prior to this, exchange, Marriela told the young girls doing the face painting the pictures were "bad", Sergio had stiff armed a 1 year old who got to close to his stroller, Tray was playing against an elderly gentleman in ping pong and was winning. . . no, they were not necessarily on the good list.  But, they think so. 

We have an elf on the shelf.  It's not the skinny little one that comes with the nice book and all.  Ours is a stuffed, overweight, noseless elf given to Marriela by a well meaning teacher.  This elf has caused me so much grief.  It forgets to write letters, refuses to move around and won't eat the darn food Marriela puts out.  So I have to listen to the litany of complaints lodged against him in the course of the day by Marriela.  How did we get such a lazy elf!?  Really. . . why couldn't ours like to get into mischief like the rest of the elves in the free world.  No.  Ours just sits on the mantle and stares at me.  Thank goodness our night nurse annoys him enough to make him move from his perch to some simple placement in the house.  Last night I though maybe he'd like some music so put on Marriela's headphones and started her ipod.  He must have liked it, as he sat there all night listening to the tunes.  Then Marriela announced loudly a new fact; , apparently he's suppose to be writing letters.  I don't know what these letters should say, but they're not there when she wakes up and this causes all kinds of drama.  No matter where this elf visits. . . stockings, the Christmas Tree, the kitchen, etc.  Marriela yells at him to stay where he is suppose to be. . . and then yells at him when he moves!  This poor elf is probably looking for some good meds to get him through this Christmas season!! 

Ok. .  . it 's a week or two later and I'm back to finish this entry.

It's currently raining out.  Peter is with Joshua at a dermatology appointment.  Sergio is home because his poor nurse has been exposed to the flu via her daughter.  Christmas is now only 7 days away.  One week.

Since I initially started this post, a horrific crime happened in CT.  My God, those poor babies.  I have a 6 and 7  year old and just stood there looking at them thinking. . . they would be gone.  What a way to approach Christmas.

Since I started, Sergio's line has another weak spot and will have surgery on Friday to replace it.  Joshua's seizures have continued to increase so we added yet more medicine to his regime.  Cody has lost another tooth (and it took the toothfairy 3 days to remember the fact!).  We've gone Christmas shopping and started a new tradition. . . No electronics Monday.  No ipods, ipads, computers, playstations or x-boxes on Mondays from now on.  It was hard for them.  We had to concede a little for Marriela because the lack of music was NOT working for anyone!!  Tray and Cody have both started new adventures.  Tray is taking Hung Gar Kung Fu 2 nights a week and Cody started Jiu Jitsu 2 - 3 days a week.  Both love it.  Cody is still in Basketball as well on Saturdays. 

Life just keeps on going and then you get something like this that stops you in your tracks and makes you take a deep breath. . . .

"Dear my parents before I dead going heaven
I want to say is thank you for fighting for me and having me
To your daughter and I love being a sister and a cousin nieces and second
Cousin and a. Best friend a roommate a student And a boss to my workers I ever
hire to take care me too
All you guys been special to me I never been so luck to have a family that care
so much and never backed down and just keep on trying save special needs or kids
with out parent that didn't care about their's own kids some other kids I been
bless with families and friends were  care about me I am not just special I am
unique to be a part of friend of a family and a cousin and sister a niece to
other aunts and uncles and a boss and a granddaughter and mother to my kids and
wife to my husband too and grandmother to grand kids too

I just want to say is I love you guy I am happy to be your friend
I alway look down from heaven to see you living your  life just the way it is

Also like Laura Barber I wanted us to be friend again and Chris Huskie I will
also  have crush on you and think about you. You will alway be in my heart. I
will miss all of you guy alway be my heart I am sorry what happen between us. I
still will miss and love you guys

This is my letter to my parents friends cousins aunts uncles
And sibling too I am proud to be every thing you want me  to be a family too

Love, Your daughter.cousin,niece,granddaughter, mother wife and a friend Annette
Curkendall "

Is that not one of the most appreciative, amazing things you've ever read.  Well, it was for me.  More amazing to me is the fact that MY daughter wrote it.  I suspect that she heard somewhere along the line that the Mayan Calendar has predicted the end of the world she felt it was time to get her ducks in a row.  I have to call her today to let her know that the end of the world is not imminent.  But, I will cherish this letter and the thought she put behind it. 

I love my kids. 
Merry Christmas,