Sunday, May 10, 2015

Messy Miracles in the Making. . .: Mother's Day

Messy Miracles in the Making. . .: Mother's Day: Though a bit outdated, it is one of my absolute favorites. This was an amazing day! Happy Mother's Day!  This day has meaning to ...

Mother's Day

Though a bit outdated, it is one of my absolute favorites. This was an amazing day!

Happy Mother's Day!  This day has meaning to me that many don't and can't understand.  But that's fine.  I am mother to seven amazing children, six of whom are growing stronger and older by the day.  I am forever grateful for my opportunity to be a mother.  I owe that opportunity to five other mothers, as well as my own mother.

Yep, me as a wee one before my life
My mother.  My inspiration.
Without my mom, well. . . I wouldn't be here!!  She set the wheels in motion for my life to unfold, and though maybe not always in the way I think she wanted; it was in the way I wanted.  However, because of my mom (and dad) I knew I would live a unique, wonderful, interesting and loving life.  

Beautiful Ethel.  

Five of my children arrived in this world without me having any idea of their amazing grand entrances.  For those not aware of some of the amazing starts to life my children have had, head back into the past posts.  But over time, each was presented to me in a different way, in a different place and through different means, but each was meant from the day they were born, to be my child.  I thank each and every one of those moms for having the honor of raising their children, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their lives.  Even the mother who was ultimately responsible for my daughter's passing. . . I was blessed to have her as my daughter and I loved her like a mother and I knew it was time to let her go. .. like a mother.  I had an incredibly short, albeit, intense, relationship with my daughter, Ethel.  She was beautiful, chunky and loved.  She had a father, brothers and sisters (one of whom talks of her to this day).  I held her with all the love of a mother as I offered her over to the doctors to take away the seizures, knowing the treatment would take her away as well.  I was her mom until the end. I am still her mom.  

My other incredible children are here, happy, healthy (in a very relative term) and create my need to breath each and every day.  Their mothers, some of whom I KNOW think of them and love their son's still, are human.  I know they want to know they made the right choice and I only hope they know and feel in their hearts the peace that they did.  The others, I don't know.  I don't know if they remember their children through the haze of drugs and street life.  One we are fairly confident has been deceased for a long time.  But, I am still thankful for them.  I am thankful for the wonderful creations bestowed upon them and ultimately me.  I am a mom because they became moms.  That's wonderfully cool, regardless of the narrative before our stories began.  

Not one of our best, but got tired of looking when I should be
doing my final exam.  LOL
I was also incredibly blessed to have two homegrown children as well.  Both, HUGE surprises (thus all the adoptions heehehe).  Joshua's life was complicated by so many things.  I am often asked "Did you know about so and so's medical issues before hand?  I don't think I could do that if I knew."  Well, biology does not protect you from malady.  I was young, healthy, and did all the right things and my homegrown, fully biological son had a brain tumor that almost killed him.  There are no guarantees in life we will get perfection.  As far as I'm concerned both of my awesome homegrown children are perfect and all of my adopted children are perfect, just sit and talk with them for a few moments and you'll see just how deep their souls, their zest for life and their love for our family is.  

We love our selfies!
So, as I celebrate my 25 year as a mother, I am reminded of all those who are mothers in so many capacities.  Grieving mothers, mothers who gave children up for adoption, mothers who adopted, step-mothers, mother-in-laws, and mothers of mothers.  What a big wonderful world created and maintained by the love of mothers.  Hugs to each and every mother far and wide.  May you feel love and peace today.  


Friday, May 1, 2015

Put Your Right Pit In. . . .

Just thought I'd share a few tid bits from this week. ..

As I was standing in the kitchen I heard Joshua in the bathroom singing "Put your right pit in, put your right pit out. . . . you know the song. . . . and shake it all about".  I looked in to see what "pit" he was referring to and found him moving his hips back and forth (yes, while peeing. . . .ewww).  I asked "Do you mean "HIPS" not "PITS"??  He was shocked it was the wrong word! I told him if he wore his hearing aids he'd hear the differences in the words!  It was a great laugh for me though.

A couple of days later, Tray states, "These jeans are really tight."  I explained that they had been dried on the clothes line so they need to be stretched out and suggested some squats to loosen them up.  He proceeds to do several full length lunges up and down the hallway.  Then he asks "Are you trying to tell me I'm getting to fat or something (he definitely isn't)?"  Totally confused now, I get up to see what the issue is.  He's standing there with what look like painted on jeans, unable to even bend his knees.  I laughed so hard. . . he had my jeans on!!  Ever see the Seinfeld episode with Kramer and his tight jeans?  Yep, it was that funny.

Marriela has planned out her entire life thus far.  The other night she reiterated that she is moving to North Carolina (because they have better hospitals according to one family vlog who lives in NC to have babies at).  She reiterated her desire to "have shots to have sextuplets", I need to thank Kate Plus Eight for that lovely learning curve.  She is NEVER going to go in a pond because she does not want a baby from the tadpoles, that little educative doozy goes out to the opening scene in Look Who's Talking Now. She then enlightened us on her occupational prospects she is considering to support these children.
Here's some quotes:

  • I'm going to college for something like swimming so I can get a gold medal.  They do pay you for a gold medal right?  (I proceeded to remind her that she has yet to successfully even float in a pool or let go of the edge and she's almost 13).  She countered with, Then I'll dance for money.   I just left that one alone.  
  • If I don't make enough for diapers then I will marry a rich white husband from  (I am truly comforted by the fact that she has a back up plan for the dancing gig.)
Well, that's all for now folks.  Just thought a little glimpse into the world of the Curkendall's would make you all feel a tad saner.  I am to help.  

Have a fantastic day on this awesome first of May!!!