Saturday, September 17, 2011

When did birthday parties become an inconvience?

I was HUGELY pregnant. I was ready to go for my scheduled c-section. The doctor asked me, "Do you want this week on a Monday or Wednesday, or the following week?" Being the bright, clear thinking person I am, I said. . . "If today is not an option then the first possible day you can!" Well, 5 years later, that decision came back to haunt me... Cody was born on the first day of school. UGH!! His birthday, no matter how you work it, will always be on or around that milestone. The primary problem with that issue, is he doesn't "know" who to invite to a party. There is no class list yet, there is no social connection yet. If I had just waited that one more week, then all would be well, or so I kept telling myself. To solve the issue, I decided to circumvent the entire "who to invite" issue by just inviting everyone. I filled out 21 invitations and sent them off with my proud baby who had the teachers put one in each shiny, new backpack. I was excited to see an unfamiliar number on my phone just a few short hours after school let out. Our first RSVP. What I wasn't prepared for the fact that it was our ONLY call!! What kid doesn't want to go to a birthday party? Who doesn't call to at least say "Sorry, but thank you for the invite. We already have plans." Great, no problem. But, nothing? Really? Not taking this lying down, I decided to call the teacher and ask if they had any issue with me sending a "reminder". Nope, they were fine with it. So to the computer I go. . . In Case You Missed It!!! Cody Curkendall is having a party!! Come and join us for a great time. 9-17-11 1:00 - 3:00pm (insert address) Siblings are welcome as well!! Please call to let us know if you are going to be able to join us. (insert number) Did you notice. . . I even invited siblings? Rushed these off to the school for a Thursday afternoon delivery to all of the classmates homes. Again, excitement when I saw an unfamiliar number. . . good here they come, one more RSVP. And then that was it. Are you kidding me??!! So, we have planned an incredibly fun and awesome "Camo" party for my big 6 year old, who will be able to go and brag about how awesome his birthday was and how much they missed. We have a tank pinata, awesome goodie bags, camo paint for the faces, bandanas for all an awesome cake and lots of great gadgets to be the best in the filed a 6 year old can be. I find it hard to believe that parents of today don't see how awesome birthday parties are for the social fiber of a young child's being. I remember many parties I went too. They were about running around, having fun just being together and eating cake and ice cream. I don't actually remember a single gift I received OR gave. They just weren't what the party was really about. For only 2 parents to respond out of 21, is a dismal reflection of what our family life has become like. They value the baseball game, the soccer game the siblings games, etc more important than the need to get kids together in a setting outside of school to just have fun. I have been acutely aware in the past few years how the number of invitations to parties have dwindled as well. It's not about the "stuff" at the party, but about the party itself. The meaning behind having friends come over and join you for a day that only comes once a year. The chance for parents to meet the parents of other kids their children will be in school with for another 12 years!! Yet another aspect of my generation lost to this generation. So, wish me luck as we don our camouflage and face paint and go outside and run around the back yard having a great time.

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