Saturday, August 3, 2013

Time flies!!!

Oh my, time sure does fly.  Summer is half over. 
I used to dread summer. . . the lack of structure created chaos for Marriela.  Our school district only does half day summer school and only for 6 of the 10 weeks off.  This created many issues and behavioral issues to contend with. 

Not this summer.  They are ALL doing great!  This summer has been relatively relaxing related to the kids.  My courses created unwanted stress, but they're over now.  We had an awesome trip out to Lake George and many trips to the local public pool. 

So today's blog is centered on the hour at hand.

Quotes from Marriela in the past 10 minutes:
"I'll send you cards when you die."
"When brown babies are born they turn peach when you turn the light on."
"When I grow up I'll treat you all to Ramen Noodles."
"Bo (our dog) go, go, go, you bother me... you can stay and watch me eat, it's ok."
"You'll live for a long long time, I won't let you die too soon."
"You had an awesome pregnant belly, good thing you stayed fat."
"You have old lady legs."
"I'll always be your baby."
"You can come live with me and my husband Tray, he'll give you lots of money and take you to the store." 

As you can see, there is never a shortage of things to "talk" about here. 

Joshua just got home from his program.  Unfortunately he had some seizures while out and this morning he had a big one that resulted him hurting his back on the bathroom sink.  I'll call neurology on Monday to see what else we can add. 

Cody had Jui- Jitsu this morning and did great.  He is so good at it! 

Tray went for a jog/walk today because he was "bored".  I'm not sure how much he actually jogs but that's ok.  I was proud of him for going at all!

Now we're all preparing to go Garage Saleing!!  WE LOVE Garage Sales!  :-) 

Enjoy your summer and I'll be back soon!



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