Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Still Counting. . .

 2 updates, 1 day (note:  today's blog was done yesterday, but not posted until today due to a computer glitch). 

Off to the CathLab we went.  No expectations of anything alarming.  Reassured by the doctor, echo looks great, no reason for concern. . . numbers should be great.

Promised Tray that the annoying catheter in his neck would be gone and he'd only have an IV or 2 in his hands

Promised Tray that today was the day we were going to our new private room on the floor.

Returned from CathLab with a new fancy triple lumen central line in his neck.  Promise 1 broken.
Restarted on Milrinone again.  Must stay in CICU for 3 more days at least.  Promise 2 broken.

The almighty numbers that rule this place of the very tiny to the very large dictate everything.  Trayvon's pressures in his heart were not where they need to be.  His heart is working too hard at this time.  A hard working heart can result in a tired heart and that is a definite no-no.  So we will continue to help it out.  I've been reassured that this is normal.  That this is what they anticipate happening, but typically the echo shows the issue before catheterization.  Not so for Tray.

22 is Trayvon's "wedge" pressure, goal is 10.
18 is the right atrium pressure, goal is 8.

1 pump to 4 pumps in less than 2 hours.

1, 2 lumen catheter to 1, 3 lumen catheter

0 IV's, to 2 IV's in his hand

10 meds to 14 meds.

Med levels too high, doses reduced.

Med levels too low, doses increased.

We we reassess that beautiful heart in a week and see if the changes have improved the numbers.  Those wonderful/awful numbers we rely on to determine every step of the journey.

In the mean time I had to brace for the disappointment that was going to be coming.  Tray was sad.  His neck was in agony from the catheterization.  He had the IV in his neck that meant he still couldn't sleep on his right side, his favorite side.  After some morphine and conversation and reassuring that we are still going to the floor "once a bed is open for him " uh um (fudge there), he settled in and resigned to his new fate.  Add in 2 dressing changes to the 3 chest tubes and he was done being messed with. 

But, as I have said, 2 steps forward, 1 step back.  More numbers, but as long as the forwards outnumber the backs we are A OK.  I shared some fries from Wendy's with him and a bit of Cherry Coke, big hit!!  LOL  Excited to find that he can order Turkey sandwiches at will and a snack pack arrived just for him.  Plus, the computer cord that was needed so badly, arrived in the mail today, so he was back up and running on his game. . . much happier now. 

Till next big update. 

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  1. Love reading these Renee! Thinking of all of you often. Fingers crossed, good vibes, prayers said and candles lit for good numbers!! =)