Friday, February 24, 2012

The Walls. .

There are far more than four walls here.  There are hundreds of walls, and beyond each of them, in this hospital dedicated to children, there are a hundred more stories passing by every single day.  Tray is only one of those stories.

Today we are awaiting a private room to open down on the regular floor, this is a huge move forward.  It's unnerving to leave the comfort and safety of the CICU, since being here, I've watched my son go from being in severe heart failure, to receiving a heart transplant followed by several intense days of intense medical intervention, followed by several days of painful procedures.  All the while being cared by a wonderful team of nurses and doctors.  I have literally no complaints about any of the care Trayvon has received.  That's saying a lot for me, because I'm a nightmare to have as a parent.  I like things done well and done well the first time.

I like to stand in the door way and watch life on the unit.  The stories are as varied and awesome and intriguing and sad as the heart defects the kids have.  2 week old babies having their first of a three stage repair to correct Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  A 1 month old who was admitted at a different hospital for what was thought to be pneumonia, only to discover his heart was in a violent, erratic rhythm that was threatening to kill him, he is now being evaluated for a heart transplant as well.  An 8 week old who underwent a simple cardiac cath, who then went into cardiac arrest in her room while nursing with her mother.  She too, may need a new heart.  The 16 year old that had to have a defibrillator implanted to be sure his heart doesn't all of a sudden stop, and the 5 year old that is in severe heart failure but isn't a transplant candidate, this is his life for however long that may be.   The stories are incredible and heart wrenching.  It's a hard place to be for too long.  I'm ready to move despite leaving behind the safety net of nurses.

These walls hold so many happy outcomes and so many tragedies within them.  They are painted a horrible sherbert green in an attempt to make it child friendly, but the CICU is anything but child friendly!   Trayvon is awaiting his room, the room his awaiting is currently occupied by a little person who has received the word that today is their day for a new heart.  As soon as they go to the OR to put in that precious new heart, Trayvon will transition downstairs so his room can be cleaned in preparation for that child to come and be cared for in the CICU.  What a wonderful circle of life!!

Trayvon is going to write a card for the child and leave it in the room for the parents and eventually the child to read.  We don't know how old or what gender the reciepient is, but I know all too well the intense feelings the parents are feeling right now!!

So, we will move from the walls of the CICU, to 4 new walls on the 6th floor.

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  1. Prayers that each day is one day closer to and Trayon being home with your family.

    I can only imagine what a journey for all of your family and I wish you luck with it all.