Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter and Update

Happy Easter!!  It was an absolutely beautiful day to celebrate, relax, take in family, and eat. . . a lot. So that's what we did.  I also dealt with my first cold in a very long time, and I'm not proud to say this. . . but I am a baby.  With all that's happened with the kids, all they have been through, all I've witnessed and lived through with them. . . this cold is the pits.  But, alas, I refuse to let it ruin my vacation.

Today we went to the MOST museum.  We ran through it at the speed of light, as that's what we do, we don't go nice and slow, taking in the sights and sounds.  No, we find the bathroom, look at things quickly, run up the climbing apparatus (yes, even Joshua and his dutiful staff went up and down the fun meant for those 12 and under).  Then we hurried out of the MOST into the VR (I'll remind you what that is if you forgot, further down in the update) in the pouring rain.  Joshua was highly distressed at getting wet.  We discussed the plans for tomorrow and all agreed on the lazy river pool at the local YMCA.. .except Joshua.  His reasoning: "I don't want to take another shower."  So we rationalize that he doesn't need to 'take an actual shower, just rinse off', but that still didn't sit well. So I'm taking him to walk the track while the others enjoy the pool.

So what else has gone on the past 2 years. . . laundry.   Lots of laundry has happened in the past 2 years.  Hmm.  Oh yeah, more laundry and a new washer and dryer because we broke the old ones with the laundry.

Nettie turned 27 a few weeks ago, Sergio is almost 11 (May 2), Tray is now 18, Marriela is 14, and Cody is 11.  For her birthday,, Annette asked for tickets to; drum roll please. ddddddddd Magic Men (AKA - cheap version of Magic Mike).  She is now the proud owner of three floor level tickets for the half naked bumping and grinding of sweaty men.  Oh yeah, parents of the year here!!

We're updating our two bathrooms and the kitchen, as well as fixing a few things that are less than optimal, such as the almost non-existent stair railing that Joshua fell through during a seizure.  I thought I'd love the process, yeah, not so much.  I like the 2"x2" paint swatch on the beautiful paint brochure, and so that's what I picked.  I like the 2'x2' pic of counter top on the website, so that's what we picked.  I liked the sink, faucet, hardware, floor, etc on the website, so that's what we went for. We tried doing the store thing, and both Peter and I were beyond overwhelmed by it all!!  Too much to look at, no idea what went together, so we're piecing our entire kitchen together by 2"x2" thumb size pics on a screen or in a brochure and will either love it or hate it, but it HAS got to be better than the disaster we currently call a kitchen.  So I figure, it's a win/win.  At least for the bathroom the guy came with samples and let us touch them at the dining room table, still have no idea how it'll look, but hey, we had samples!!!  The current tub has a dangling safety rail after Joshua had a seizure and pulled it part way out and then Trayvon slipped in the tub, grabbed the railing and finished off the wall with one good pull.  So I figure our pretty new marble shower surround and white tub will be an upgrade from the peach beauty we currently call a tub with the gaping hole in the wall!  I already bought a new shower curtain and will decidedly use it to gauge the new wall color, I saw a pretty one in my brochure.

Ok, last little update. . . and it's been on my mind for a while.  Some may relate, others may not.  But for me, the struggle is real.  Underwear.

We never have enough in the house, the drawers, or the laundry.  Someone ALWAYS needs underwear.  Joshua needs two pairs a day.  As a mother a part of me wants to scream "WHY?!"  The other part says; "Shhhh, you probably don't want to open that Pandora's box."  But, Marriela, then Cody, and then Trayvon. . . I put Peter out of his underwear deficiency misery by buying him three packs of 6 (with a free extra pair in each pack) for a grand total of 21 pairs of underwear.  But do I really need to do that for EVERYONE in the house?  I'm stubborn and I stand by the fact that every child and adult in this house has a minimum of 8 pairs of underwear with most having far more than that, How does one go through that many pairs in a few days time??  This vacation is wearing me thin on this issue though, and I feel as though there will be an Amazon order going in.  Then my Facebook feed will be all lit up with all different types and styles of underwear for the next three months!

Well, my cold is officially driving me to bed with some Vick's vapor rub and tea.  I missed you all and look forward to updating you more on some of our daily antics more often.

Love, Renee

P.S. VR is our 12 passenger van that looks a lot like a 'creeper' van with it's tinted windows.  Peter once referred to it as the VR when I insisted he take it out with his friends one night.  It stands affectionately for "Vagina Repellent".

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