Saturday, April 22, 2017

Who's my birth mom?

As most of you know we have adopted children.  Four to be exact.  We also have two homegrown children (biological) for a grand total of six.  Yesterday we were driving along to go do some summer clothes shopping and this very enlightening conversation ensued . . .

Marriela has been processing being adopted for some time now.  She is angry at her birth mother because she insists she gave her a disability by doing bad drugs.  (she is aware her mom used bad 'medicines' but learned about drugs in school in health class and now uses that terminology).  But at no time have we ever associated her mother in a negative way or implied she has 'caused' any issues for Marriela.  So anyway. . .

Driving along and Marriela starts yelling about how she wants her birth mom (typical when I've told her "no" to something she wanted, and in this case, it was to eat lunch at 10:30 am).  She then announces "Tray wants his too!"  Which we have not heard and clearly surprised Tray, as he was now being dragged into the conversation/argument.  As per normal protocol, we put on music and try to change the subject.  Marriela goes on to tell us that she bets she is an only child.  Tray suddenly throws out there "I have a brother."  I throw him a total look of surprise and ask how he knows!??  He states "You told me."

Now it's entirely possible I did tell him that, and he does have a half brother in Georgia.  But I didn't recall actually sharing that with him, but now, we have information out there Marriela is going to throw back at me!  So now I sit there and contemplate how she's going to ambush me with Tray's new knowledge he's shared and how will I respond.  Joshua, my homegrown son, is sitting next to me in the passenger seat.

Joshua turns to me and says "Who's my birth mom? The whole van lost it!  Through my fit of laughter I said, "I am silly!!"  He responds with.  "Oh then do I know who my birth dad is?"  I can't make this stuff up!  I replied that we saw him on the day he was born right from my stomach.  So he says "Well then, who's my birth brother?"  I asked him who he thought was his birth brother and he says "Trayvon."  I just said "Yep, he's your birth brother from another mother." and left it alone.  LOL

At that point we arrived at the store.  I dropped them off with Joshua's staff, Timmothy, and went to return a fan at the store next door.  As I drove that 1 minute trip to the parking lot next door, I realized, that many of my children do not necessarily recognize they are adopted or not adopted.  We love our children fully and unconditionally regardless of their origins and how we came to know them.  I was honored that Joshua was as content to be adopted.  

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  1. So nice to see you posting again! I'm glad everybody is well.