Saturday, April 15, 2017

A wee update

It's been a long time since I last posted.  Almost 2 years.  As it really isn't possible to update you on two years of life in the Curkendall household, I'll go with the easy things.

1.  We have been hospital free for a very long time!!  Sergio is now consistently treated at home with IV antibiotics and all of the other 'stuff' that gets him better in the hospital, right at home.  It's been a game changer.  Unless he is getting progressively worse after several rounds of antibiotics, we don't so much as step foot in the hospital.  He's been there 3 times in the last 23 months, all outpatient for new lines and g-tube changes.  It's been awesome and the reason I'm now a fully employed woman!

2.  Everyone is healthy!  From a relative standpoint, this is HUGE!  We have survived the past 2 years with minimal major illness or even lots of little stuff.  A cold here and there, but that's about it. Tray did have an abscess that was easily and quickly treated with a round or oral antibiotics and there was a quick round of what we 'think' may have been a mild flu.  All in all, cruising along well.

3.  Schooling is over for both Peter and I and we are fully employed, contributing members of society again!  Peter is working at Vera House, a not-for-profit that works with men, women, and children who are the victims of trauma, especially when it's a result of domestic or sexual abuse.  I am working as a third grade special education teacher at an elementary school in Syracuse, New York.  I love my job, but I work at an extended day school and don't get home until 5:00 each night.  That's not my idea of a 'school day' but it could be worse, I could be unemployed with my 3 degrees.  So I'm not complaining. . . well, maybe a little.

4.  Joshua graduated from high school.  Tray is a Jr. and graduates next year.  Marriela is moving to the high school next year as well.  Cody is going to be a middle schooler and Sergio. . . well, due to nursing complications, is no longer attending school.  He's now on homebound and is doing wonderful!  Annette has moved into her own apartment in a large development in the next town over and LOVES her independence.

Well,, there are new things that need to be updated, but for now, with little more than just the facts, I'm going to head to bed.  It's Easter Eve and I'm sure the festivities tomorrow will give me much more incentive to write!

Love to all.  


  1. Such a great news update!!!!!!! So glad that everyone has been so healthy!!!!! No news is great news!!!! I was worried to see Sergio with an IV pole but that is such great news that he is able to get meds t home and NOT have to but in hospital catching more stuff!! So proud of all you and Peter have accomplished, you two are superheroes!!! Unbelieveable!!! I am so in awe of you Renee! Happy Easter and I pray all remains well with the kids, they sound like they are doing awesome! Much love to you all! Love, Brenda

  2. Thank you so much Brenda!!! I have always admired you and your sweet Zach is truly an inspiration!! Sergio is on an IV all the time. He just usually wears a backpack, but in the morning we put it on an IV pole so he can relax. ���� Miss You!!